Web sessions

You need my web services as a drummer or as a sound engineer ? Greaaat !

You can contact me via the following e-mail address : websession@thebelgiantruffle.com but wait !!!
I’d like to focus on few details to make our collaboration as smooth as possible. No intention to be presomptuous, you get my word. 😀

I expect from you :

  • An e-mail describing in details your project. It will help me get ideas to serve your music the best I can.
  • An MP3 demo of your track. I reserve the right to accept or decline any offer.
    Do not feel insulted if I decline, I may not be the right guy for you, it is as simple as that. 😉
  • Stems you send me must have correct labels, been consolidated from the session start, been time corrected if needed, must work in a Pro Tools format and come with infos about the session’s tempo (or a midi Tempo Map) and desired sample & bit rates. The best way for us not to waste time, don’t you think ?

You can expect from me :

  • Upon agreed terms, I will put all my energy trying to capture our craziest ideas. All my gears are there to serve that purpose : drums, cymbals, percussions, …
  • I will strive to reach your expectations on each of your tracks thus I will send you a test MP3 to get your approval on the musical path I’ve chosen. Within reason, naturally.
  • Once the full payment is received, I will send you clearly labeled stems of my multi mic takes in .WAV format, consolidated from the session start and at the agreed sample & bit rates.